Q?How long can my Sydney Harbour cruise party go for?
A.Harbour cruise bookings are typically 4 hours in duration, additional cruising time is charged by the hour. We are open to negotiate extending your cruise time if you approach us about it at least 30 minutes prior to the end of your Harbour cruise – for exclusive charters only.
Q?Is there any extra fee for wharf bookings?
A.For Special event Harbour cruises or shared harbour cruises we absorb the cost of the NSW Maritime wharf booking fee. If you hire the vessel exclusively – especially for bare boat charters this cost is payable by the client.
Q?Can we request songs for the DJ to play on our Harbour cruise?
A.You are welcome to provide a preferred play list for our DJ for exclusive Harbour cruise bookings. You are able to request songs on the night for ticketed special events.
Q?What time should guests arrive for the Harbour cruise?
A.It is recommended all guests arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the scheduled boarding time. Our Harbour cruises depart the wharf strictly 15 mins after arriving (according to NSW Maritime wharf booking rules) If you miss the boat a water taxi is the only way to get on board.
Q?If we have to cancel our Sydney Harbour cruise is there any way of obtaining a refund?
A.See our terms and conditions for specific details regarding refunds.Generally if you give us plenty of notice we can either refund in full or postpone your event, we will always do our best to accommodate especially in circumstances of bereavement or tragedy.Call or email us for more information.
Q?Can we change numbers for our Harbour cruise after we pay a deposit?
A.Yes group sizes can be increased or reduced up to 14 days prior to the harbour cruise however changes may affect the total payable for your harbour cruise. For special events like New Year’s Eve and Australia Day etc. increasing guest numbers is subject to availability of seats. We provide flexibility in your numbers up to 14 days prior to the cruise. 30 days prior for Xmas parties! Please finalise numbers on time. Special events require full payment and confirmed numbers at time of booking.
Q?How much deposit do we have to pay to secure our Harbour cruise?
A.Exclusive Harbour cruises require a $1000 deposit to secure your booking.  In most cases this amount is then deducted from your final payment, depending on the style of your cruise we may retain this amount as a security bond which is refunded after your harbour cruise. Full payment is required for special events (i.e. New Year’s Eve, Australia Day, Boxing Day etc.)
Q?Can we make a Harbour cruise booking without paying a deposit?
A.Bookings details will be held without a deposit for up to 14 days. However payment is the only way to book and secure the package you want on the date you want.
Q?How can we check availability for a Sydney Harbour cruise?
A.If you contact us via email or phone we can usually give you an instant answer. Call our office on 1300 228 326.